10 Things

I wonder how many new blogs show up on January 1st every year, and how many can maintain their content past January 30th. (Yes hello, I’m slightly pessimistic)

Just to get started, here’s 10 quick facts about me, my life, and my style.

  1. My name is Kalishandra, but you can just call me K
  2. I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, the cold capital of Canada
  3. My best friend is a Frenchie named after my favourite champagne, Moet
  4. I work retail as a manager and store merchandiser
  5. If I’m not wearing black, something is wrong please check my temperature for a fever
  6. I recently got engaged to the love of my life, A
  7. I’m stupidly obsessed with Pizza… I swear every night A comes home and asks what I want to eat for dinner, its Pizza
  8. I don’t wear makeup, aside from a quick eyebrow fill-in. Makeup actually makes me feel MORE self concious
  9. My favourite colour is PINK. If I could paint every room in my house pink I would
  10. I looove the smell of coffee, but I HATE IT. I’ve tried everything possible to like coffee and I just can’t do it